Electric OU: Investigating the Partzman Bifilar Transformer 1

Here I demonstrate the very simple and very interesting Partzman Bifilar Transformer, a modification of Tesla’s Coil for Electromagnets, patent # 512340. This system produces some very interesting measurements when connected as per Partzman’s schematic.

Measurements and calculations taken here, as specified by Partzman, seem to indicate OU performance. This effect is robust and easy to reproduce if the coil is correctly constructed (lots of turns, minimum interturn distance, to maximize distributed capacitance and inductance.)

The effect depends strongly on the Phase Angle between Voltage and Current inputs. The operating frequency is tuned to produce a Phase Angle of between -75 and -82 degrees (minus because Current leads Voltage in this case.) This is well above the natural resonant frequency of the basic coil when used as a Tesla Bifilar coil. But in this version the series connection of the TBF coil is broken and the “input” winding is left open on one end.

Non-inductive resistors are used for Load and Current Viewing.

Have fun analyzing this circuit. Please comment about possible measurement and/or procedural errors.

NOTE that I am NOT claiming actual “Overunity” here. The jury is still out on that issue. These are just measurements, Leon, they are taken from the oscilloscope.

ERRATUM: At one point while looking at the Frequency Counter I say “14.44 MHz” but the frequency… as you can see… is actually 1.44 MHz.

Thanks for watching and commenting, and thanks to Partzman, verpies, ION, Itsu, TinMan, poynt99, ramset, Grumage, picowatt and others for their ideas and suggestions. Keep the faith, baby….

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