SPHERE SPIN video from Tom

rcm.amazon.com or: rcm.amazon.com used magnets :Ball magnets. Magnet used in other experiments: rcm.amazon.com used Cylinder magnet with hole in the center with radial polarisation for the other experiment. other good magnets: Cylinder rod magnets rcm.amazon.com Strong magnets rcm.amazon.com rcm.amazon.com rcm.amazon.com Cube magnets rcm.amazon.com Video copied with permission from youtube user: www.youtube.com Circuit diagram at: s1143.photobucket.com He writes: Note: Input current is .13 amps – voltage is 12.08 volts DC Output current is .04 amps- voltage is 28.03 volts DC 1.5704 WATTS IN — 1.1212 WATTS OUT –All metered with the 90-220 volt 5 watt lamp “”LIT”” iT TAKES AT LEAST 85-90 VOLTS TO LIGHT UP THE 5 WATT LAMP AND THE LAMP STAYS LIT WITH ?????? .4492 WATTS POWERING IT??????? Go figure???? Check this later video I just posted. www.youtube.com

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