FLYAWAY Video from Tom used Cylinder magnet with radial polarisation for this experiment. other good magnets :Ball magnets: or: other good magnets: Cylinder rod magnets Strong magnets Cube magnets Video copied with permission from youtube user: Circuit diagram at: He writes: Correction. Four lamps are in series. I said 3 in the video at one point. I just measured the RPM of the spinning magnet. Its honking on at 515 Hertz or30,900 RPM !!! I am making another video where I will show a larger magnet fixed to a shaft . The shaft will be driving a spinning propeller. This will show how powerfull this little setup is as I will be hand holding the spinning shaft, magnet and prop. Only skin bearings! If thats not enough for anyone interested in motor building then if you look further The setup “WITH” spinning prop also acts as a generator lighting 5 lamps . Here are the video links to look at: The Photobucket link where take you to the circuit info needed to build this device.

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