SPIN STORY Video from Tom

rcm.amazon.com used Cylinder magnet with radial polarisation for this experiment. other good magnets :Ball magnets: rcm.amazon.com or: rcm.amazon.com other good magnets: Cylinder rod magnets rcm.amazon.com Strong magnets rcm.amazon.com rcm.amazon.com rcm.amazon.com Cube magnets rcm.amazon.com Video copied with permission from youtube user: www.youtube.com Circuit diagram at: s1143.photobucket.com He writes: Video shows and tells all. Lamp is a 5 watt 90-220 volt AC LED dImmable lamp powered off a small 12 volt battery though the circuit box and coil. Lamp output equals a common 60 watt incadescent lamp. If you wish to construct this device follow all the information below but use 5 watt LED lamp as I used. s1143.photobucket.com Use this lamp: www.elsledtech.com

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