ASHTRAY MOTOR GENERATOR Video from Tom used Cylinder magnets for this experiment. other good magnets :Ball magnets: or: other good magnets: Cylinder rod magnets Strong magnets Cube magnets Video copied with permission from youtube user: Circuit diagram at: He writes: Nothing hidden, No tricks. Nothing under carpet either. No batterys or magnets hidden under green coil tape. In fact no batterys used at all. Power ( via air) is transmitted from a distance away. The spinning motors magnetic field energizes the copper coil and lites the 3 volt LED. I am not exactly sure if I have achieved overunity with this setup. It took very little power to get the magnet to spin. The coil lights up the 3 volt LED ?? No bearings touch the motor shaft except the glass of the 6.5 inch diameter ashtray. What you see here is a working basic magnet on shaft, coil, light, and glass ashtray made into a motor/generator. Check out my TIGER TAMED video. Thats where I am now.

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