SPLISH SPLASH video from Tom

rcm.amazon.com or: rcm.amazon.com used magnets :Ball magnets. Magnet used in other experiments: rcm.amazon.com used Cylinder magnet with hole in the center with radial polarisation for the other experiment. other good magnets: Cylinder rod magnets rcm.amazon.com Strong magnets rcm.amazon.com rcm.amazon.com rcm.amazon.com Cube magnets rcm.amazon.com Video copied with permission from youtube user: www.youtube.com Circuit diagram at: s1143.photobucket.com He writes: A little WD40 oil bath added to a 1.5 inch diameter spinning sphere magnet. Small battery 12 volt DC input / spinning magnet / coil / circuit – lighting a 90-220 volts AC 5 watt LED Lamp A organization has taken a keen interest in my device and has gone even further than I have and spun a 1/2 inch diameter Diametric ring magnet at 80000 RPM.!!!!! The faster the magnet spins the more energy is available at the output. The odd thing is that the smaller magnets work best and trigger a larger output ? You can only spin so fast with any magnet before it blows up so if you replicate this device keep that in mind. Its my hope many folks will replicate it and take it further than what you see. I am making this device PUBLIC DOMAIN so everyone is welcome to build it. I expect no money or fame at all. Its my hope it may become a future power source. Review my last 6 videos which lead up to this and contain links as to how to construct it. Follow the links below to build it. Use the 5 watt lamp link to purchase the lamp I

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