Tesla Bifilar Coil DC Resistance: Solenoid (2) SD

Here I continue to examine the claim made in several places that the TBF winding causes a drop in DC resistance to _half_ of what it is in a comparable monofilar coil with the same total number of turns (same length of wire). Please watch the first video first if this one isn’t clear.

The experiment done in this video fails to support the claim that the DC resistance of a Tesla Bifilar series-connected winding is half that of a comparable monofilar coil of the same total turncount and length of wire. In fact I have consistently found that the DC resistances are equal for equal single lengths of the same wire, no matter how it is arranged.

A possible explanation is included of how the original claim arose, from a simple and easy-to-make misconnection of the windings of the TBF coil. See the last frames of the video for the graphical explanation.

Rather than invoking some kind of magical property with respect to the DC resistance of a coil, perhaps the originator of the claim could go back and check his wiring connections to make sure he hasn’t made the kind of error explained here.

He and other researchers should perform the experiment again, with different coil parameters, to see if the original claim of “half DC resistance” in the TBF winding actually stands up to scrutiny. As I show here and in the previous video, for the coils I have tested — it does not.

If the originator of the claim finds that his original setup contained an error, he definitely should retract the claim and post corrected results, and furthermore should take pains to make sure that this myth, if it is a myth, about DC resistance dropping in half is tracked down and quashed and corrected on the various forums where it has percolated.

On the other hand, if the claim is eventually supported by other tests, that is big news, and will save relay manufacturers untold dollars in copper wire, if they can get twice the current through a given amount of their wire as before. Not to mention the necessity for re-writing the textbooks and amending Ohm’s Law.

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