TMT 5 : Tesla Magnifier: Colorado Springs Model

i felt it was necessary to put together a miniature of reasonably accurate proportions of Tesla’s Colorado laboratory of 1899-1900.
very interesting to observe a more free ringing resonator of equal height and width, being fed directly by a preamplified current and prescribed frequency.
L1 5 turn 22″ diameter 14 gauge
39.98uH and 2.5 nF tank circuit
L2 31 turn 22″ diameter 24 gauge
930 uH and 48pF self capacitance 2141″ wire length
**L3 165 turn 4.13″ diameter 24 gauge
1888.1uH and 4.8 pF self capacitance 2141″ wire length
Topload Capacitance 25 cans = approx 47.2 pF
(equal wire lengths)
** corrections from said in video diagram

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