open circuit can be an energyraptor ??

At OU forum there is a user named Jack Noskills, who made a very nice PDF

where he freely explain his conception of electric energy, and some mean to obtain interesting results .
Jack uses a high voltage pulsed primary to pulsed opened circuit secondary and so it seems that when we apply a load on the secondary the real energy that powers the load does not impact the primary, because it is different and come from the ambient field. But i am not expert and please feel free to read the PDF to correctly understand what Jack says.
So as i had this giant air coil, intended for other experiment, i decided to test the idea of jack with lower voltage and a 555 timer and mosfet.
I am very amazed that i can brightly light the bulb with completely open circuit and without increasing the primary power.
I hope i am not out of topic with Jack’s work

Voila no claim here simply a test for discussion at OU on the thread of Jack.


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