Magnetic Field (AC) Comparison of Monofilar and Tesla Bifilar Coils

Here I compare the AC magnetic field strength of two pancake coils: a Monofilar coil and a Tesla Bifilar coil wound according to his patent #512340.

Using the genuine TriField Meter, favored instrument of ghost hunters and UFOlogists worldwide, on its Magnetic Field ranges, I show the field strength in milligauss at 15 cm from the center of the edge-on coils.

Both the Tesla Bifilar and the Monofilar coils read approximately the same field strength as I test frequencies from 0 to 1 kHz.

The TriField meter’s sensitivity drops off at very high frequencies so I can’t really do this test at higher frequencies, but at least at these relatively slow frequencies the two coils perform just about the same. No significant differences were detected in the magnetic field strengths of the two coils in the frequency range from 0 to 1 kHz.

1 ) I have the TBF coil’s resonant frequency marked at 273.2 kHz, but I confused it with my other matching TBF coil. The one in this video is actually 242.7 kHz.
2) At about 6:35 in the video I mistakenly say “60 milligauss” when I should have said “6 milligauss”.

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