Arduino Zero

A scratchbuilt Arduino controlled Mitsubishi Zero.
Much more info below.

This project began after Christmas, when a bargain $9.95 (free P+P) clearance purchase arrived of an Aircore Zero. It proved difficult to fly, very twitchy and, not wishing to ruin it, decided to make a beater version.
Then – why not use the full expectations of crashing it badly, to fly it with self written code – what could go wrong ? lol

Wingspan – 22″ KFm2
ZMR 1804 motor
10A speed control
5.5×4.5 propeller
2x 3.7g micro servo”s
Self made servo links, using fiberglass rods from a Dollar Tree kite
Arduino Nano
Battery – 2S 260mAh lipo
Weight – 4.9oz (compared to 4.6oz of the Aircore)
Previously 4.3oz without elevator and nose/wing strengthenings.

A note – much more professional Arduino software is available from ArduPilot and other projects. This software of mine is highly experimental and not for download because of safety.
It is however based on several projects that can be found online, such as Arduino controlled R/C cars…anything that uses an nRF24L01 for R/C control.

Music – Sirius Beat Ep.09

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