Cellphone controlled R/C car – ESP8266 – RoboRemo

Info below:

The ESP8266 is much more than a tiny Internet of Things widget device. Now, with RoboRemo’s App running on an Android cellphone, it can be the receiver for an R/C vehicle !!!!

This car is an old clunker toy grade type, last seen around 2010.
Now fitted with ESP8266-01 WiFi module, 10A brushed ESC and a 9g servo.
The motor is the same one that it’s always had.
Power is 8.4V, from 2x ex laptop 20 year old li-ions.
The reverse of the ESP8266 has been used to mount the 3.3V regulator, 2x 2.2K resistors and 3 pin headers for ESC and servo outputs. Weight of the receiver is 3 grams.

A range test with 1 of these $2-$3 modules sitting in the house, was done with the cellphone carried out from the backyard and down an alleyway. As the crow flies, by Google Earth, the range was over 400ft !

The App is a joy to use, setting anything anywhere on the screen and being able to resize whichever buttons/sliders/switches are needed for an application. It’s a ‘killer App’ that the ESP8266 has needed.

Check out RoboRemo’s website: http://www.roboremo.com/
He’s just posted an Arduino IDE code version, which, should mean that flashing avoids the need to pre-flash with NodeMCU – to be tested.

Music: Seum Dero – Flow

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