ESP8266 – online motor control, webcam feed + web address !

Continuing the Open Source development for the $3 ‘Internet of Things’ ESP8266 module, this video shows my own progressions so far. The module firmware is NodeMCU 0.95

It seems that brackets aren’t allowed in this box, so i’ve uploaded the App code to Dropbox.
The code is for the module and therefore isn’t operating system dependent.
Has been tested though with Android devices, running Firefox and Chrome.
Also on a home PC, running Lubuntu and Firefox, plus a laptop running Bodhi Linux and Firefox.
Also now tested to run fine with iOS 5.1.1 on a Gen 1 iPad, running Safari.
My version of the code removes the need for a separate init.lua to set up the WiFi and incorporates the video streaming functionality.

Here’s the link:

Original info here:

This is the procedure –
1. download the file from Dropbox
2. go to for the needed url_parser.lua
3. change the wifi router info in the init.lua to your own details and change the ividion code to your own code, as found in their ‘Public Access’ section for that camera.
4. upload url_parser and your altered version of the Dropbox init.lua to the ESP8266 module.

5. Add a real world web address by going to and set up Port Forwarding on your router. It only needs to point to the ip address that your router gives to the module.

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