World Receiver Radio – Repair

This Bell+Howell World Receiver had been thrown away and was in a poor state. Tape had kept the thing from falling apart, the front buttons were missing, the antenna did nothing and it rattled when shaken !

Ideal then for a repair 🙂
Circuit traces were cleaned with a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol.
Glue for the ferrite rod, for several case cracks and to protect the antenna wire from scuffing was Fix-All.

While not one of the best of pocket radios even when new – it’s analog !
I much prefer being able to tune a distant whisper of a station by moving the radio around, than have a digital thing skip straight past.
These apparently gain a lot of functionaility when connected similarly to a backyard crystal set, using 100ft of wire hanging off the antenna.
Without doing so, i’ve received Mexican talk shows and feintly, the BBC World service on short Wave. So such a set up will be tried out.

Now repaired, I tend to listen to it in the evenings while at the workbench soldering (as a courtesy at the moment lol). The speaker sound is inferior to my repaired vintage LuckyStar BM-709, but the SW frequencies quite intrigue for Ionosphere bounced reception.

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