Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part3

From Wesley:Revolution has begun part 3 is giving you more light and explanation.We are not responsible for correctness of the material published 🙂 🙂 🙂
Request from forum:
Quote:why not condense everything to the basic point and say it…?

Wesley response:
You got it.
Hendershot1926 made device
Colman1956 shows continuity with excessive improvement.
Andrea Rossi in 2008 (Sicilian criminal record) approached thermal factor as extraction method.
Wesley in 2013 found conformation to key Beta-activation of nonradioactive compound using radio-waves related to all 3 guys.
Wesley got explanation to secret Rossi formula leading do disqualification of Rossi invention rights by priority of Colman and explain it as new better future of humanity.


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