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How to build Tariel Kapanadze device.Как построить устройство Тариэля Капанадзе.?

*Cтавтe лайки* . ( Russian English German ). Negative Resistance /Impedance. Tariel coil “grenade” is just another form of transformer.All Kpanadze devices works based on the same concept and everything started from simple electric…

Adrian Guska Death, Смерть Адриана Гуски, «Денис Днестр» How to make FE in pinned comment .

*Cтавтe лайки* , hand up if you like . Death of Adrian Guska Denis Dniester Free energy researcher . Trolls have been involved. Instruction how to make FE is in pinned comment.тролли были вовлечены….

How Russian Youtube Corruption is affecting us the Western World

Как коррупция в российском Youtube влияет на нас There is controversy around Russian YouTube Office corruption scandal. It is my response to large number or Russian complains about Russian YouTube politics and workflow. So…