PART 3 PEREPITEIA GENERATOR – Ottawa University August 2008

PRO-PEACE, OIL FREE, NEW FREE-WORLD ORDER TECHNOLOGY ELECTRIC CAR REGENERATIVE BRAKING AND NOW REGENERATIVE ACCELERATION CAPACITY This video shows once again how Lenz’s Law can be eliminated in a generator and how electric autombile regenerative acceleration can be accomplished. IF TIME ALLOWED THE “CONVENTIONAL” GENERATOR LOAD WOULD CAUSE THE SYSTEM TO CONTINUE TO DECELERATE DOWN TO ALMOST A COMPLETE STOP AND PRODUCE ONLY 0.09 WATTS OF OUTPUT POWER. HOWEVER WHEN OPERATED IN THE “PEREPITEIA” MODE THE SYSTEM ACCELERATES AND THE GENERATOR PRODUCES 1.98 WATTS – THIS REPRESENTS A 2100% INCREASE IN OUTPUT POWER AND IT OCCURS WITH A MOTOR INPUT REDUCTION OF 25 WATTS. HOWGENERATOR HIGH VOLTAGE COILS CAUSE ACCELERATION At the critical threshold speed or frequency (dictated by the coils impedance) the high voltage coil ceases to act as an INDUCTOR (storing energy in the electromagnetic field and producing a Lenz’s Law repelling action to the approaching magnetic field) and begins to act as a CAPACITOR (storing energy in the electrostatic field between the wires). This is clearly shown in the video FREQUENCY VARIATIONS & MULTI LAYER HV COIL ACCELERATION: When a North Pole magnet approaches a high voltage coil above the critical threshold speed/frequency a North Pole repelling magnetic field as per Lenz’s Law is not produced because the coil’s impedance has impeded the current flow within the coil sufficiently. Voltage is built

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