Wine from juice experiment

I’d seen several write-ups online about making wine from regular store bought juice drinks.
Being as we normally buy such juices, this idea has been to see just how the process would go.

The juice should have as few unnatural ingredients in as possible.

The basics are:
Tip out about a cup of juice from a 2ltr bottle (drink it ?).
Make a ‘yeast starter’ (optional).
Add a full packet of bread yeast, or brewers yeast to the bottle.
Add 1 cup of regular cane sugar.
Shake the bottle vigorously.
Put several pin holes in a balloon.
Put balloon on top of bottle.
Sit in a cool cupboard etc away from sunlight for 2 weeks.
Try the concoction and if seemingly fermented, carry on – pour away if rancid, drink if insane.
Filter using a coffee filter.
Put in bottles and store in a cool place.
Sample over time…repeat until a method is perfected.

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