Vernon Roth Describes Assembly and Operation of Alchemical Hydrogen Cells (B: 2 of 9)

On July 28, 2011, at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference put on by TeslaTech in Albuquerque, NM, USA, Vernon Roth gave a workshop on hydroxy technology he’s been working on. He saved the “best for last” surprizing the audience with his claim that in the process of creating hydrogen/oxygen gas in certain cells that elements in the water were found to be replicated — alchemy — as much as 10-13 times. An element copy machine. He had observed this with things such as gold, silver, and even some fairly complex chemical compounds. The next day Sterling Allan did two sets of interview with him to have him describe the phenomenon (part A, in three videos); and to have him show how he builds his cell that accomplishes this phenomenon (part B, in 8 videos), as well as the economical and philosophical considerations of doing this. See: the open source project page, lists the videos in sequence, along with relevant links.

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