Free Energy – Akula 25 Watt Generator Hendershot Style

Free Energy – Akula 25 Watt Generator Hendershot Style

Hi All,
this is a new Free Energy Generator from Akula ( Roman )
who works a bit like the famous Herndershot Generator.
It also has basket Weave coils and a special magnet core
ringer style magnetic core where the oscillations can be started by
parametrical pulling up the ferrite core with the helper bias magnet
from the magnetic flux path and thus inducing flux changes, so the oscillation circuit starts to ring and oscillate and powering the 2 light bulbs. All in All this circuit seems to put out about 25 Watts of Free Energy Power.
Well done, Roman !

Regards, Stefan.

Music by; The 126ers
Title: “Secret Conversations”
from the Youtube Audio Library
License: Creative Commons CC-BY.

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