That Syncing Feeling – update

During the major Midwest storm of 10th April, the 2 oscillators lost the regular 1:1 flash rate sync that they had held for weeks. Slowly but surely however, they regained their sync and from today are flashing 1:1 again.
Output of the Pencil Resistor Circuit (with chili cell power) remains strong, it started running on 10th March.
Nephilim Penny pancake oscillator began running in November of 2011, powered by the same pills bottle of water.
Both have videos on my channel from those dates.

Did the heat of today enable the re-syncing ? (warmest by around 10F over the past few days).
The electrostatics of a storm normally slow the Nephilim Penny flash rate, but it seems again that it passed on most of the effect to the Pencil Resistor Circuit. That effect has been noted before in similar earlier runs.

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