Free Energy Project – Input and Speed Test 3

At 00:55 I show a diagram of the wiring…it is wrong, my apologies. There should be a line connecting the 2 coil connection spots…parallel to the coils. The diagram shows it as an open circuit…but it was a closed circuit for the test.

This only confirms and bolsters what I have been thinking and saying. A self-running machine is within sight now.

I hope everyone sees this as a success even though I haven’t achieved unity regarding/considering speed alone. 58% improvement in speed alone using the coils. There was a 1.7% increase in current (amps) to the motor…with a resulting estimated increase in input wattage of 0.5W…(12.41×2.39) – (12.41×2.35)

And many areas to seek improvement…add more copper…core testing…etc. Also, the imagined performance curve I see has this thing performing better at a little higher rpm. In other words, I think I’m testing the effect of these coils somewhere near the bottom (at a crappy gradient) of their performance curve. And we haven’t even looked at what the output can do yet with these big coils…that will be cool!

This upload is scheduled to take 3.5 hrs…wtf?….geez! Holy crap!…now I look at it and processing is taking 40mins…I don’t know what’s wrong these days with uploads but something has to change here. Are they wrecking YT on purpose? I started this upload at 6:30pm!

Next Tests:

Test the other coil set.

Test again but at a higher speed (lower resistance in series with the motor input).

Test larger coils…more copper!

Test larger/smaller size (weight) cores.

Test 2 coil sets out of phase and note speed % change.

More to come 🙂

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