Free Energy Project – Peek At Output – What’s Next?

Haha!…worst camera job, ever!…sorry bout that. I’m going to finally get a tripod…very soon!

I’m not adding a donation link any more…it will be at my channel. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and patients with my setup. “A Country Boy Can Survive!” – Hank Jr –

Explanation to my friends 🙂 I’ve had to cut out a lot of my video watching these days…I have a couple projects on the go (not related to electricity) and something had to go 🙁 I’m making a 2 hour lecture/seminar concerning evolution called “Evolution Is Dead.” It is a detailed biological analysis of evolution’s flaws, and shows it’s ultimate scientific failure…using scientific biological facts. My plan is to tour Ontario doing that starting in the months to come. I’ll video and upload one of the sessions once I get started. Perhaps I’ll be able to look for bigfoot in other parts of Ontario as well :)) A lot going on these days.

Forgot to mention, with the input/output tests to come, I will also be incorporating different sizes and types of loads as well. Also, I will soon be able to do the accurate rpm measurements that will need to go along with these input/output tests. It’s all going well, thanks to everyone.

I hope everyone sees where this is going now 😉 With the smaller wheel…same magnet arrangement (2 thick)…same cores…juicy output…smaller motor…smaller input.

Here’s my buddy Billy’s channel…Mr2Tuff2. He’s finding that there is an EMP that happens within an HHO detonation…cool stuff man! He’s also testing this effect…can’t wait for the vid! I’ll call you sometime in the not too distant future dude, I promise!

Oh, almost forgot, I had to erase my last upload, and the upload that it talked about in order to avoid violating my terms of service agreement 🙁 I’ll make a new proper vid now that my caveman brain has learned the rules…lol…sorry.

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