Free Energy Project – Input and Speed Test 1

This DC motor is sooo much better. Plus, now everyone will see what I’ve been seeing with my eyes. Even with the voltmeter as a tachometer, we will see very clearly what percentages we’re talking about…difference in speed/input vs. watts gained. And then there’s also the juicy output to go with it. Plus, I think there is still more to the equation with regard to the centers of the magnets and the center of the pmh bend…both are the “null zones”…I think they need to be connected as well. There is a homopolar aspect to Ed ‘s wheel as well, as I’ve pointed out in the past.

Here’s how I wake up every day…best daily earth forecast, anywhere!…and he usually has it uploaded by 6am every day!:

Another gem:

Just a random few of my favourites 🙂

Here are some links to other channels of interest, and regarding this effect:

There are others that I chat with, I wasn’t sure if you guys wanted me to list your channels…and I’m sure I just plain missed some, sorry. And Andy, your vids were private…so, wasn’t sure there. Anyway, if I’ve missed someone (honest mistake), please let me know and I’ll gladly add you to the list.

Here’s a great channel where you can find a guy who’s working with magnetic water revitalizing. And he lives in beautiful Thailand!

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