Free Energy Project – Speed and Input Test 16 awg

I can’t wait to try the 10:1 (Copper:Iron) ratio…Snip Snip! I’ll need to make another baseline test though with the new core…then I’ll see what the 10:1 does. After we see what that does, I think I’ll finally be able to test output and loads. Then go buy wire and make it run itself 😉 See what happens…trying a bigger core will also be beneficial before moving on though. It might not make common sense to add more iron, but I think none of this makes perfect sense yet…lol. But also, higher frequency resulting in more current in the coils will change the iron’s effects on the wheel…in a good way I presume. Ed seemed to use a big core…but I still think he had a homopolar effect going as well…connecting the magnet null point with the pmh null point. Maybe more wire and coils aren’t even needed with that sort of arrangement. The null point of a magnet cannot be ignored…it is the “input/output” for the magnet pump 😉

Speed – Percentage Comparison Results:

Baseline Empty Wheel — (17.7v / 17.7v)100 = 100%

Core and unshorted — (11.9v / 17.7v)100 = 67%

25 awg speed test (1.5Kg Cu), shorted — (15.2v / 17.7v)100 = 86%

16 awg speed test (2Kg Cu), shorted — (15.5v / 17.7v)100 = 88%

= :)))))))

Other good results out there too:

knagtegl channel

oglundasotarn channel

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Others too I’m sure that I missed. Free Energy is almost here :))

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