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Free Energy Selfrunning Device from ikako chubinidze Youtube channel with circuit diagrams

http://www.overunity.com/7679/selfrunning-free-energy-devices-up-to-5-kw-from-tariel-kapanadze/msg366602/#msg366602 http://www.overunity.com/12736/kapanadze-cousin-dally-free-energy/msg366037/#msg366037 This is a replication of a Kapanadze type selfrunning free energy device generator, that seems to run itsself and also poweres a huge lightbulb, after the battery connections are removed. These come…

Free Energy Kapanadze turkish investor meeting 2005

http://www.overunity.com/7679/selfrunning-free-energy-devices-up-to-5-kw-from-tariel-kapanadze/msg350750/#msg350750 Stabilized video version with less shaking ! This is a video from 2005 when Georgian inventor Tariel Kapanadze met with some Turkish investors to show hos latest free energy generator device. He drives…

International Friends for Tariel Kapanadze – Working OU!!!

Международные Друзья к Tariel Kapanadze – Работающий OU!!! Tariel, мы с Вами и мы поможем Вам Incoming search terms:бестопливные генераторы

Independent Energy Device

Independent Energy Device

Patent No.: WO/2008/103129 Applicants: KAPANADZE, Tariel [GE/GE]; (GE). TURK, Metin [TR/TR]; (TR) (All Except US). Inventor: KAPANADZE, Tariel; (GE). Priority Data: 20.02.2007 Abstract: The independent energy device improved with this invention, starts operation with the…