Register For APEC™ – UFO Physics, Antigravity, Warp-Drives & More! – APEC™ returns on June 10th featuring UAP physics, EM Propulsion, live experiments & more! REGISTER NOW:

The Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference (APEC™) is a live online Zoom event discussing warp-drives, gravity-modification & UAP physics – featuring hundreds of top physicists, engineers, & innovators. Register now for the APEC announcement email list for event invitations, speaker details & replay info.

The Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference (APEC™) serves as a community forum for innovative propulsion & physics research, and has been featured in popular media such as Popular Mechanics, The Debrief, and other venues. Our goal is to explore novel & innovative approaches to space travel and the emerging physics that makes it possible.

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