Electric OU: FTW QEG To Heat Laboratory?

Winter time is coming, the windows are all filled up with frost
I tried to tell everybody but I could not get across
–Bob Dylan

The video and audio material in this short clip are FAIR USE for critical, educational and forensic purposes. The material is from OPEN SOURCE documentation of the FTW OPEN SOURCE Quantum Energy Generator project and is used to illustrate and document claims without support, contradictory statements and outright misrepresentations of fact (ie LIES) emitted by HopeGirl and the other FTW QEG principals. The statements, still found in the Be-Do Forum official QEG FAQs, saying that the device WILL RUN ITSELF when resonance is attained, that it can be started with a crank mechanism and that it produces any excess power, are examples of the LIES being told to the public in order to keep the donations and sales rolling in.
No QEG anywhere has ever “run”, they have always been DRIVEN by a large electric motor connected to the mains power supply. No QEG anywhere has ever produced any “overunity” power output. The very best measurements that have been published show an efficiency of less than 35 percent, very poor, and the Morocco data (since removed from “open source” public accessibility by the FTW people) showed only about 17 percent efficiency.

The Second Winter of the QEG story is rapidly approaching. Will James Robitaille still be freezing in his laboratory, trying to get the QEG to produce anything above its input power? One thing is certain: He will not be using the output of the QEG to heat his lab. Nor will anyone else. All eyes in the QEG world are on that little house in the snow, safe from the evils of fracking, where James is working his fingers to the bone, changing this and that…. first 1.3 MHz, but oops that’s interfering with radio stations so now it’s 7 MHz that’s required, never mind the previous calculation that proved 1.3 MHz was needed, and people all over the world are rewinding exciter coils and re-stringing new antennas for 7 MHz …. aren’t they?

It is to laugh. People want to keep throwing money at these fakers, that’s fine. In another year… I’ll still be laughing, James will still be freezing, and there will be a bunch of people with utterly useless QEG assemblies taking up space in their garages and basements and even, in some cases, in their own little custom rooms. And I’ll still be laughing because NONE of them will ever attain even the efficiency of an ordinary off-the-shelf genset.

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