Electric OU: Rosemary Ainslie June 29, 2013 Demo Highlights 1: Scoposcopy 1

On June 29, 2013, Rosemary Ainslie conducted a live streaming YouTube Video Demonstration of her NERD mosfet claimed overunity circuit. The demonstration was four hours long. This is an excerpt of what was presented to the public.

Actually it was longer but was cut off at the four hour mark in mid-sentence.

The presenters had technical difficulties and there were audio dropouts and long patches of dead air with no action at all. In the process of editing these out, I decided to make a “highlights reel” of some of the more …. edifying…. moments of Ainslie’s demonstration.

As usual, Ainslie had someone else doing most of the “dirty work”, and in spite of her insistance on knowing other people’s names, I don’t think the names of her helpers were ever mentioned, so I don’t know just who is operating the oscilloscope in this segment.

I feel fairly certain, however, that it is NOT Bryan Little.

I’ll be uploading a few more of these as I make them. The next one, “Determining Frequency with a Digital Oscilloscope”, is particularly enlightening.

What…. did you really expect to see something significant? You did: a remarkable public display of the utter incompetence of at least four people working together, none of whom seem to be able to operate their own equipment properly.

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