Electric OU: Oscillations in Q1 in the Ainslie NERD Circuit

Rosemary Ainslie demonstrated her NERD circuit on Saturday, June 29, 2013 and streamed it live on YouTube from Cape Town, South Africa, to the world.

This is one of several videos I’ll be posting concerning this demonstration of Ainslie’s.

The point of the demo was supposed to be the replication of the Ainslie Figure 3 from Paper 1.

It is the contention of her critics that this scopeshot indicated a circuit malfunction or a misplaced scope probe, and did NOT reflect the true performance of the circuit. This is a critical contention because if the critics are right the entire edifice of Ainslie’s claims must collapse in a miserable heap of garbage.

And the demonstration proved that the critics are right, of course.

However, during their flailing attempts to reproduce their own claimed data, the NERDs noticed something else they thought was anomalous and that they had “never seen before”: high-amplitude oscillations in the Q1 mosfet during its ON periods, at certain FG settings below the maximum.

These oscillations flabbergasted them, and today (Sunday) Ainslie has posted that “they” think that their FG is not working properly and must be replaced, because of this “glitch”. I suppose I should have waited until after they wasted their money before I posted this video!

Quoting Ainslie:
“THEN to compound the problem somewhere deeper into the demo – our Function Generator itself picked up a glitch that extended the oscillation into the ON period of the duty cycle. Thankfully this only applied to one particular setting during the sweep of the offset but we have no way of knowing how this effected the balance of the FG operation. ” End quotation.

Because… as anyone with eyes can see, the Q1 oscillations at high amplitude are fully repeatable, fully expected and totally normal, and do not depend on a “glitch” in any function generator.

Unless of course you are crazy enough to believe that a 1970s era transistor high-power FG has suddenly developed the same glitch as a 2010-era LSI-based standard power FG. (Ainslie probably will try to contend this.)

What is certain, though…. since these particular oscillations happen only and whenever there are all six batteries connected in series…. is that, from March 2011 until yesterday, the NERDs and Ainslie have NEVER EVEN ONCE tried running the circuit with all six batteries…. or they would have noticed this oscillation before now.

I compared their demo to the Keystone Kops. Now I think that the KKs would have done a better job than Ainslie’s crew did. A four hour live streaming demo— from a cellphone camera ! It is too funny.

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