Electric OU: Supplement: The Ainslie Quantum COP17 555 Timer Circuit

As I first discovered in 2009, the Rosemary Ainslie Quantum Magazine article describing her claimed COP over 17 circuit includes a 555 timer schematic circuit that produces an INVERTED duty cycle from that claimed to be used in the paper. That is, the circuit given makes a 96 percent ON duty cycle, not a 4 percent ON duty cycle. At the time in 2009, many people wanted to argue about this without actually building the circuit. Perhaps the non-standard and amateurish way she drew the diagram in the article deterred people from BUILDING and trying it for themselves. When they finally did, they all found the same thing I found: the inverted duty cycle. This of course produces a mosfet that is ON for 96 percent of the time, conducting power to heat the Ainslie resistive load. She, however, due to her inability to read oscilloscopes and her general ignorance of electronics and specifically of how mosfets operate, thought she was turning the mosfet ON for only 4 percent of the time… since the voltage at the mosfet DRAIN was HIGH for only 4 percent of the time. She does not realise to this day that the DRAIN VOLTAGE IS HIGH when the mosfet is OFF, as I have demonstrated many times in various ways in previous videos. She, however, will not be educated by the likes of me. She would rather commit the egregious pseudoscientific misconduct that consists of FAILING TO RETRACT this Quantum paper that contains MANIFESTLY FALSE CLAIMS and a definitely incorrect schematic. This

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