Here I demonstrate the TK Tickler Micro QEG Solid State Quantum Energy Generator. A complete demonstration including input and output power measurements, scope shots and calculations.

There is no snakeoil trickery here, anyone can build this circuit for around ten dollars in parts and make the measurements for themselves. It does not take five thousand dollars in custom-wound coils to demonstrate EXACTLY THE SAME KIND of “overunity” that the James Robitaille Hope Girl QEG claimants are demonstrating.

Tesla patents used: check.
Input easily measured: check.
Depends on resonance: check.
Texas Has Resonance celebration: check.
High reactive power measured in primary coils: check.
Texas OU in VARs celebration: check.
Reactive power converted to usable power: check.
etc. etc.

(now if I could just get someone to actually send _me_ a check…)

The point is this: if the QEG people are credibly claiming any kind of OU or even potential OU (pun intended) from their heavy expensive doorstop variable reluctance boat anchors driven by a big motor, they now are in the rather embarrasing position of having to explain why my system is _not_ OU when their claims depend on the same kinds of measurements and reckonings.

But I have No Spark Gap? Spark Gap? We don got no spark gap… I don’ need to show you no stinkin spark gap!

But I might anyhow. Just wait for the next video.

Now… there is plenty wrong with what I’ve shown in this video. Please analyze and comment on what you find wrong below.
(And I’m not talking about the occasional misspeak, like me saying impedance when I mean inductance and suchlike. I mean what is wrong with the logic of the demonstration and the measurements and interpretation thereof.)

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