Simple DCRS Wireless Electricity

Original video:

After seeing the KAIST system, I wondered if it could be replicated on a much smaller scale…ideally using just a 1.5V AA battery.
This is my replication, which uses 20mA.
More power throughput can readily be achieved by lowering the Base resistance (7.1K here) or by using a higher voltage input.

The ‘Centurion’ wireless transmitter circuit is my SWES with a tank section 🙂
Interestingly enough, part way through the video the ferrite pieces interacted in a way that might help to ‘relay’ or boost onward transmitted power.

Specs of the transmitter side:
Transistor – MPSA18
Cap – ‘101’ ceramic
Resistor – 7.1K (1x5K, 1×2.2K whose tolerances gave 7.1K total)
Ferrite rod with 17 turns one side, center tap, 18 turns on the other of approx 32AWG.

Receive side:
0-512pF variable capacitor
4x 1N4148 diodes
10uF electrolytic capacitor
Ferrite rod with original factory radio windings in place.

I would like to thank all Subscribers – over 1500 now !
Hopefully such videos are the reason for the appreciated viewing of my channel.

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