Centurion wireless electricity – goal met, Zero mA

An update on the project to use as little current as possible within a wireless electricity circuit.
The whole aim here has been to use as little energy as possible…not necessarily to increase wireless induction ranges or other such goals.

People get very wound up and jittery when the word zero is used and of course it is using ‘some’ current.
Such circuits can produce accuracy errors from any meter and a reading at best can only be an average…but what I wished to do was see no reading and the end of the video shows how little current the circuit needs.

Trial and error bench testing has resulted in the circuit now shown.
The transmitter coil is of 23AWG, wound on a pills bottle and then secured with electrical tape. 24 turns, pull a piece out to the side (which connects to the Positive battery supply) then wind another 24 turns. The receiver coil is of 24 turns of the same wire, with an LED sitting directly across the ends.
The receiver coil will work better one way up than the other. The transmitter coil will work better with the wire ends connected one way than the other.

The circuit also relates to my recent SWES 2 video.
Just add a 1 Meg ohm resistor and ceramic capacitor in series to the Base for similar efficiencies.

Note: ‘Vires Colligit’ on YouTube has made an excellent low power similar circuit.
He called it Project Panzer.
Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au5tx8ZDg4M

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