Micro backyard Wardenclyffe – taking shape

I decided to follow a hunch, that if the original Patented Wardenclyffe design had a backwards wound extra Secondary above the usual Secondary, then it may become a magnifying transmitter.
There’s been a lot of talk in the past week, on messageboards, about Ernst’s Patent and and his discoveries about Tesla’s wireless systems. That’s what prompted the wonderings and build.

So far, it’s looking good. There is more output from the system with that extra Secondary than without it.

Input is either a 3.7V Li-Ion or a 5.5V very old Li-Ion pack that i’m trying to rejuvenate back up from that voltage. The single cell actually does better than the pack of cells at the moment. All are recharged by solar after being used.
Current is 130mA in its present configuration.

4 turn Primary of approx 12 gauge house copper.
First Secondary is from an old crystal radio, leading to a Walgreen tower (own design), then to 2x solder tubes that were used for an experiment I followed of Dr. Stiffler’s…both being wound in the opposite direction to the Secondary underneath.
Topload is the base of an old cola can at the moment.

An identical wire lattice is buried in the yard 50ft away, to which I intend to connect either an exact copy of this tower, or pancake coils etc.

Circuit is a standard enough Slayer exciter.
D882 transistor
1 Meg resistor, Positive to Base
1N4148 type diode + blue LED to Base

I’m intending to build a wooden structure around the setup, to look like the original Wardenclyffe tower – funds allowing lol

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