Electric OU: Rosemary Ainslie Publicly Admits Fabricating Data

On June 29th, 2013, Rosemary Ainslie and Donovan Martin demonstrated, without any doubt, that the Figure 3 scopeshot in their Paper 1 cannot be made honestly, under the stated conditions, when they are being watched.

Ainslie admits that the Figure 3 data is “error”. As the demonstration showed, though… no simple “error” could make that data, and Ainslie has known for at least two years that the scopeshot was impossible under the claimed conditions… yet she has not withdrawn the papers nor has she issued any errata notification.

Nor has Donovan Martin, whose name is on her papers as second author and who operated the equipment at all three of her demonstrations: March of 2011, June 29 2013, and most recently August 11 2013, where it was proved beyond any doubt that Ainslie’s data is completely wrong, full of artifact and misrepresentation and deliberate fabrication.

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