Electric OU: Supplement: Negative Biased MOSFET Oscillator Part 4c: RF Power

Part 4c: Please watch Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 4ab first. Thanks!

Here I take the circuit from Part 4, the basic common-gate oscillator, and demonstrate that it is radiating significant RF power. A chance to use the TriField Meter, the original UFO detector !!

But also, and perhaps more effective, is the use of the Grundig Tesla RF Radiometer, commonly known as a “shortwave radio”, to detect both the RF carrier and the AM modulation superimposed upon it by the Function Generator’s frequency, duty cycle, and waveform settings.

And…. Another One Bites The Dust…… that is, another claim of Ainslie’s (no appreciable RF energy coming from the circuit) is once again relegated to the category of mismeasurement, misinterpretation, misunderstanding and mendacity on the part of the Donovan Martin – Rosemary Ainslie team.

Maybe now I’ll be able to move along to Part 5.

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