Arduino 11: TK Homeostat with Parallax LCD 2×16 Display

The Parallax brand LCD display is easy to use with the Arduino. It only needs a single data pin on the Arduino, and 5 V and ground connections. You need the Parallax LCD library from Arduino website, and since I have an old version of that and a new version of Arduino, I had to do a little tweaking to the old .h and .ccp files to get them working with the new version of the IDE. Trivial changes really. And then copypaste and twiddle, from the example sketch in the Parallax2x16 library, some fooling around with display formatting and timing, and Bob’s yer uncle…. now we have a nice LCD display of internal variables, power setting and whatever. Program sketch is at: (EDITED for new version with audio on LCD speaker): The updated (not mine) Parallax LCD library, allegedly including speaker support, and many other make LCD libraries, can be found at: CORRECTION: the Parallax library on the playground site is still the old version apparently, and it needs some work to work with the v.1 of the new Arduino IDE. The version of the Parallax LCD library that works with the new IDE and also contains audio support is here:

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