Allwest Crystal power cell testing high voltage

There is a whole lot going on with this cell
A new way of thinking

I am using a growing crystal mix for the cathode, (negative) , as you know in a galvanic cell the cathode gets eaten away with use, so I decided to make a growing crystal structure mix that would possibly grow faster than it was being eaten up by use

Unfortunately, in this cell the crystal growth out grew the container,even though I was discharging the cell, The voltage reading on just the Crystal and graphite is approx .9 volts, when I added the clean mag as seen in video, the voltage went up to the 1.3 volts

The crystal portion of the cell is completely dry now, and the mag after several weeks shows no sign of deterioration

I am thinking that this type of cell would make a hell of a Zamboni pile

Sorry no amp readings on this
I blew my fuse on the amp reading when I was testing my higher powered cells (different type of Allwest cells, 2 + AMPS)

Also, Slider and Neatpete are doing some great things with the Karpen type cells, check them out, I hope to do some of these type cells in the future also

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