early ZED free energy device model filmed my Mark Dansie

www.overunity.com early outside ZED Zydro Energy Device.demonstration video filmed by Mark Dansie. He verified the working of this prototype. This is an early Wayne Travis ZED device built at: hydroenergyrevolution.com The ZED device is a selfrunning selflooped free energy device which works on a new trick of buoyancy. The main effect is that only the height of the air column in the cylinder counts for buoyancy. ! Not the volume of the air ! So you only need to pump a very low amount of air under the water, which needs only a low amount of input energy. Then you can gain the massive lift energy which is much more than the used pump energy to get the air inside there…! So you have a big energy gain there and the device is able to selfrun with some power from the output looped back to the input ! This technology was verified by hard skeptic Mark Dansie and he says it works as claimed by the inventor team. Hope this helps- Well done Wayne and team ! Regards, Stefan.

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TOM8, widelyvl2

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