Inventor of cancer cure dies

John Kanzius lived part time on Sanibel, but he worked full time on an invention that he hoped would one day cure cancer. Kanzius, 64, passed away Wednesday 18th Feb. 2009, but his project is being passed on and FDA is taking notice. When Kanzius first showed us his invention last year, he called it the holy grail of killing cancer cells.

At his Sanibel home without any medical training, Kanzius built a machine that emits radio waves and destroys cancer cells without any significant side effects. It worked during animal trials and it got the attention of the nation’s top cancer researches. But sadly, Kanzius will never see if his invention works on people. His own cancer killed him before he could kill the disease. He died at Lee Memorial Hospital, fighting right up to his very last days – dedicated to finding a cure. He had been diagnosed in 2002 with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a rare cancer. Now though, the fight continues. Kanzius’ wife, Marianne, says the FDA will meet with her in the near future to talk about her husband’s invention – a major step toward getting human trials. — Source

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