Update 20 NGE Papp: "THE PLAN" & Ignition Set Up Test With Papp Timmer & New "tools" RWGresearch

thank you all for your continued support. its much appreciated and needed. ~Russ

this is what i will be getting: http://www.bubbletech.ca/radiation_detectors_files/bubble_detectors.html

the goal of this test was to get the spark to work with the standard ignition coils. more testing is needed… i have some ideas that may help the consistency of the pop…

i should note that i was using a max of 350J where normally i was using 1Kj or so… just an FYI on the heat not rising in the wires and the like. more testing needed… but it was good to here that POP! i get a little giddy inside every time! musty be the HV and electromagnetism in the air!

Photo posted here:


Ps. Still work to do on this circuit. Just trying some stuff and showing what happens!

Next time to add some caps to the HV so I get a nasty RF! 😉

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“ppap engine, noble gas drivers system” A Must Watch! Video:

I cant thank you all enough for the support! It is needed and appreciated.
This project has been funded by ethos Pete. thank you Pete!!!! But all support is needed!!! With you and everyone help we will succeed !!! Everyone support is needed, if you would like to help fund the project please see the donate button on my web site or just to be involved join the forums:


~Russ Gries.

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