Fire from Salt Water

inventor: John Kanzius

update: read this! Salt water burns: the experiments and results


download PDF (Systems and methods for combined RF-induced hyperthermia and radioimmunotherapy, 2005)

download PDF (Enhanced systems and methods for RF-induced hyperthermia II, 2006)

European Patent Office (Kanzius patents) (Kanzius patents)

John Kanzius invented a radio wave machine in an attempt to kill cancer. While trying to desalinize salt water with the machine, the water started burning.

John Kanzius’ primary interest is in using this radio frequency nanotechnology to cure cancer. This Hydrogen-from-Salt Water discovery is but an interesting if not annoying detour for him.


Saltwater info fire video 1:


Saltwater info fire video 2:


Saltwater info fire video 3:


Saltwater info fire video 4:


Cancer-Cure Radio Frequency Machine video 1:


Cancer-Cure Radio Frequency Machine video 2:


Cancer-Cure Radio Frequency Machine video 3:



Water into fuel?

Fla. Man Invents Machine To Turn Water Into Fire

How John Kanzius’ push to cure cancer may have discovered alternate fuel

Florida Man Invents Machine To Cure Cancer

Homemade Cancer Zapper Promising New Treatment?

Possible cancer breakthrough “invented” in Florida garage

Images: slideshow

John Kanzius with his original prototype of a cancer treatment device designed to zap tumors using targeted radio waves. The original device was fashioned from a pie pan. The fluorescent tube lights from waves passing through the open space of the device.

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