inertial propulsion with gyroscope part 5

some of my progress on the subject.
I tried the 2 rotors system but without success sofar. I think that the synchronization of the 2 gyro is not easy at all to achieve.
Than i decided to make a small one and i descovered a lot of think as the importance of the gyro. I tried a lot of different gyos from some stack of washesr (very bad) and i get a very good result with a finger fidjet . The distance of the center of the rotation and the center of mass, make a better swing when the gyro is outside the trctin ring , the shape of the traction ring is also very important etc…
I now better understand why there so few people who have replicated this system, because it is not easy at all.
But when it works, what a great satisfaction.
Now what to do with that ?????

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