inertial propulsion with gyroscope part 3

User Tinselkoala ,on my previous video part 2 on the topic ,made a very good proposition.
He suggest to reinstall the wheels on the device , and place the whole device on the cardboard ( or a much rigid and smooth matérial) and all of this on the sayd steel balls.
So we can see if the wheesl of the system do exhibit some “striction”or “friction ” of any sort which could provoke a counter reaction on the “substrate”. So the substrate should go backwards while the device should go forwards in respect to the substract.
So the center of mass of the whole system should eventually not move at all on my testing table.
After some thinking and searching, i found a light (because the gyro is very light and if we will observ an effect on the total system it has to be ilght ) and very smooth and very rigid substrate ( the back aluminium cover of a computer ), and decided to make an other test.
So….. will the forward movement of the system (which occure when the substrate is fixed on the ground) induce a backward mouvement of the said substrate when all the system is placed on the steel balls.
And as expected (due to the NO twin system), there stay the dynamic drift and some torque, but all the system seems to go forwards.
But of course and in total humility i admit that my test device is very crude and full of imperfection, and i also admit that my laughing during this test is only due a surprise effect.

Ha!!! we are all human being and full of imperfection

good night at all


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