inertial propulsion with gyroscope part 7

User Tinselkoala is sceptic and propose to stop the spinning gyro and let rotate the system on the same frequency. But as it is not possible with the Fiala setup, i decided to mount the stopped gyro on a 360 degre servo and set the correct rotation speed.
So you see what happens on the video.
Just for info on the exact same pendulum system (i mean that i replaced the monotoron kevlar thread by a steel wire at the end of which i installed a good quality ballbearing. So with this system i can do much longer run because there is no winding up of the monotoron thread.
And yesterday, i could do a 10 minutes test due to the limited battery capacity
So i let the system go from zero speed and slowly accelerate the rotation during 4.5 minutes and then i began the time measurement each 3 turns during 5.5 minutes or 25 turns.
at turn 1= 14.3 seconds
at turn 4=13.9 sec
at turn 7=13.9 sec
at turn 10 =13.7 sec
at turn 13=13.3 sec
at turn 16=13.1 sec
at turn 19 =12.9 sec at this moment the battery begin to weaken
at turn22 =13.0 sec
at turn 25= 13.0sec and i stop the test

the measurement are taken by hand so not perfectly accurate, but it is a clear acceleration sofar the speed of the gyro stay constant.
So the gyro seems to really do the DIRTY WORK
I can not increase the battery because it is attached above the motor and if too heavy, it can counteract on the balance of the shaft ??
Perhaps i could manually speed up the bycicle wheel at the beginning of the test to get the rotation near 14.3 sec pe rturn and let 10 minutes to see how far it accelerate or if it is a saturation point.

Ok anyway thank’s to all of you for your help

Ho just a question to all of you what is the DIRTY WORK exactly ??


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