Inertial propulsion with a gyroscope part 1

I was very interested by Dr. Eric Laithwaite christmas lecture about gyroscope. I have also seen the Alex jones devices and also Sandy Kidd device. To say the least, i am fascinated by the behaviour of gyroscope. As I can’t explain the phenomenon, and by searching on the internet, i found the patent of M. Harvey Fiala who not only invented some devices for inertial propulsion (horizontal and vertical) but is also able to explain why it works. M. Fiala is not a beginner, if you google his name , you will find a long a video on his job, his way of life and some minutes on the inertial propulsion with a small gyro device that works.
His patent is a very interesting lecture.
So i was enough motivated to try a replication.
And it seems to work as described.
It took me a lot of time to get the result, because everything must be precise enough, and the speeds of gyro , the diameter of the traction wheel, the traction grip of the track-ring etc… must be matched.
Hope this helps

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