inertial propulsion with gyroscope part 4

i have redone the test as per part 3 of this serie of video.
This time i have replaced the steel balls by roller organised in parall under the “substrate” .
So i can avoid the lateral movement due to the non twin machine.
Further more, as per recommandation of user “tinselkoala”, i have add some weight on the substrate so the substrate (black alu plate)weighs exactly the same as the machine.
By using roller i could redo the experiment on my cooking vitroceramique, which is leveled and very smooth.
We can see that effectively the black plate (the substrate ) almost not move while the machine coast forward. And when the machine reaches the end of the plate everything is going forward.
I hope that the fact to use roller does not infer too much on the result.
And as said on the previous video, don’t take this as absolute truth as all those experiment should be done in better way in better lab.
I simply do this test to give me an idea and see if there is any interest to go further.
Hope this helps


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