Inertial propulsion with gyroscope part 2

At forum” Overunity .com” where there is a thread on the topic, , it was sayd that the forward movement of the device is due to some sort of friction from the wheels against the “substrat” and if the device would be placed on marbles (or ballbearings balls) on a perfect flat surface, and allowing the mouvement in all directions, the device should woble everywhere and go nowhere.
So i found a flat and smooth enough location in my house and i found some ballbearings balls and did a lot of crude tests.
And it seems that in géneral there is always a forward movement .
I even made test on a not perfectly flat (leveled ) surface and the device goes on both directions (i mean that it can very slightly coast). Of course to get a perfect straight forward movement i should build a twin device with everything spinning in opposite direction and in perfect synchronization.
As it is not the case, the full device drift logically where the gyro is not precessing and exhibit full inertia and centrifugal force.
But this test is very interesting as it seems to confort M. Fiala’s patent.
Of course in such sensible subject, other more precise test should be performed by other replicators to go to any conclusions.
I make no claims here and i hope i am not fooled by any artifact.
Hope this helps

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