inertial propulsion with gyroscope part 6

Another test with this “Fiala inertial propulsion system”.

The idea of this test come from user GILBONDFAC who in the part 5 of the video serie, let suppose to use a kind of carusel to completely avoid the rolling friction of bearing and else.

Sorry if it is boring to watch 7 minutes of a spinning wheel, but i think it is worth the patience .

As you can see the gyro is attached to a bicycle wheel without spoke, and hanging from the roof with a very thin monotoron Kevlar thread.

The thread is very important in this kind of experiment, because if it is twisted (as a normal sewing thread ), it will detwist by the gravity and falsify the result. We have this kind of problem on earlier experiment.
That is why i use a MONOTORON untwisted and unelastic Kevlar thread .
OK the rest is in the video

Hope this helps


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